PLT Series Presslok®
(304/316 SS Fittings & Valves)


  • Clean Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Semiconductor
  • Advanced Manufacturing


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Evans PLT Series Presslok® , is an innovative tube size press system offering economy, speed, and reliability for joining 304/316L tube for high purity/general industrial air, inert gas, process cooling water, vacuum exhaust and other low pressure general service installations.
The Evans PLT Series Presslok® system eliminates welding when joining 1/2” – 4” (15 – 100 mm) components through newly developed tube sized Presslok® couplings, elbows, tees, reducers, adapters and valves.

Evans offers the industries smallest/lightest, portable, hand-held Li-ion rechargeable battery tools on the market. These tools are used to connect fittings to tube with a permanent mechanical attachment in seconds. The tools are ideally suited for the demanding needs of the Semiconductor Industry where space is at a premium.

The Evans PLT Series Presslok® System has met industry standard pressure, vacuum helium leak and particle tests. It’s ideally suited for CFOS grade high purity UN2, CDA, Argon and other inert gas applications.

Evans PLT Series Presslok® has been qualified to ASTM F1387 Testing of Mechanically Attached Fittings.

Testing included Pneumatic Proof, Hydrostatic Proof, Impulse, Flexure Fatigue, Tensile Pull, and Hydrostatic Burst Testing. Click on Technical Paper for test results.

Installation Pocket Guide


  • PCW (Process Cooling Water)
  • CFOS (Cleaned for Oxygen Service)
  • UHP (Ultra High Purity)