About Us

Company Overview

Welcome to Evans Components Inc.

We are the leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality valves, regulators, equipment hook-up assemblies, manifolds and tube press fitting systems for use in water, gas, chemical applications. Common examples include: PCW (Process Cooling Water), CFOS (Clean For Oxygen Service) utility grade inert and UHP (Ultra High Purity) gases.

Our business focus, creativity, and extensive industry knowledge continues to bring new and innovative designs to the Semiconductor, Clean energy, Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing Industries. These new designs lower overall installation cost, reduce potential leak points and serve the needs of the “fast track” construction projects common within these industries. Evans is ready to help you achieve your goals.


Coke Evans


37 years of sales, marketing, and product development within the high tech and industrial sectors.


Scott Hughes

General Manager

18 years of overseeing operations and finance within the semiconductor industry.


Gordon Porozni

SR V.P. Sales & Engineering

40 years within the design, engineering, oil and gas, nuclear, and semiconductor industries.


Kelly McDonald

VP / Asia Sales & Business Development

20 years of innovative brand building, leadership, strategic planning, and operational excellence in the high tech and industrial sectors.


Eoghan O'Donnell

V.P. Sales & Business Development Europe/Middle East

26 years of promoting stainless tube, fittings, valves, and special manufacturing in the high tech, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.


Derek Ross

Engineering Manager

20 years of design in the engineering and semiconductor industries.


Debra Loprinzi

V.P. Special Project and Marketing Manager

25 years of journeyman welding experience, product manufacturing, materials planning, quality control management, project managing, and marketing in the high tech industry.


Sandy Witty

Customer Service Manager

28 years of customer service, sales, distribution, and manufacturing experience in the semiconductor industry.


Angela Demeo


30 years of manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and human resources.


Frank Johnson

V.P. Sales USA

20 years experience in industrial and high tech water equipment custom fabrication, installation, sales and management.



The Beginning

Evans Components was founded by Bob Evans in 1992 when he recognized the need for an alternative to other valve types being used for gas systems in the Semiconductor Industry. Since then much has changed, but what’s remained the same is that Evans Components continues to be the innovative leader for gas and water systems within the modern Semiconductor facility as well as other emerging technology industries.

Leading Through Innovation

In early 2000, Evans introduced a number of significant changes to the company, the first being the introduction of the industry’s first integrated PCW/CFOS grade tool hook-up sticks, the second being the creation of pulled tee prefabricated CFOS grade (cleaned for O2 service) gas and PCW (Process Cooling Water) laterals which were used in the Semiconductor industry for bulk distribution of these services.

For PCW, Evans introduced the PW series water sticks for supply/return equipment hook-up systems. Designed specifically for Process Cooling, these sticks used a combination ball/globe valves, pressure/flow regulation and adjustment as well as pressure/temperature monitoring in a compact, robust design. Evans also introduced Prefabricated Process Cooling Water Laterals (an industry first) as well as other innovative cost and schedule saving solutions such as engineered to order Custom Manifold assemblies for gas, water.

Strategic Partnering

Likewise, the collaboration with our Strategic Partners spurred the development of High Purity CFOS Manifolds. The CFOS Manifold which are used for lateral gas distribution systems is comprised of High Purity stainless steel tube and Evans High Purity Ball Valves attached at customer designated intervals using a pulled-tee process. These developments along with the introduction of the G-series CFOS grade gas stick dramatically reduced the system costs of our customers, while at the same time improving their quality and ease of installation, a theme that has consistently run through everything we do. Prefabricated systems and tool hook-up assemblies enable customers to source complex pipe/tube/valve assemblies, reduce on-site construction activities and improve quality. These prefabrications enabled efficient and modernized JIT approach to construction that continues to this day.

Evans Today

Since 2000 Evans continues to develop and engineer products to support the Semiconductor, Clean energy, Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing Industries. By focusing on the systems for delivering water, gas, chemicals into your process, Evans has been able to respond to the challenges of our customers to develop new products that reduce costs and improves quality.

Our Promise

Evans Components is committed to building quality into everything that we produce. We focus on providing services that ensure satisfaction and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our goal is to deliver the best value with the highest quality, and continually innovate our product offering to support our customer’s system needs and performance. Our global partners and technical sales people are ready to assist and provide dependable support to help you achieve your goals. Let’s Innovate!